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Attract Better Employees With a 401k Benefit

A 401k retirement plan can help an employee take charge of his or her financial future. Offering 401k benefits is one way of providing a sense of economic security in uncertain times. It's also an effective measure to attract and retain the top talent in your field. We're here to help your company find the right 401k plan that provides benefits not only to your employees but also to you and your business.
  • Attract better workers with benefits that make a difference in their lives.
  • Provide economic security in uncertain times for your employees.
  • We offer the resources you need to get the right 401k plan for your business.

Planning Ahead With a 401k Retirement Plan

For most workers, the days of generous pensions are long gone. Employer-sponsored pension plans were replaced by the more cost-effective 401k plan decades ago. Fortunately, 401k plans offer a relatively safe, versatile way for employees to plan for retirement. Employees can choose the amount they want to be taken from their paychecks and placed into a retirement account. You can decide how much, if any, of employees' contributions you want to match.

How does a 401k retirement plan work?

Employers offer a retirement fund that starts with the employee's paycheck. With an agreement, the company will hold funds from every payment and add it to a 401k plan. Some companies will also allow matching contributions, meaning whatever the employee holds, the company will match it, potentially doubling the amount in the retirement savings.
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What About Taxes on a 401k Plan?

There are two options to taxing a 401k plan:
  • Roth 401k
  • Traditional IRA 401k
Traditional IRA means taxes are taken out of the plan when the employee pulls money from the plan, not when it's put in the account.

Roth 401k means the funds are taxed as they're put into the account. This option is better for employees who know they may be in a higher tax bracket in the future, so that you're taxed at a lower number now than a larger one in the future.
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When Can I Pull Funds From My 401k?

Age 59. When you're 59 and a half years old, you can pull from your funds properly without any extra taxes or fees. If you pull from the account early, you may have to pay extra fees and taxes on the money.
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401k Tax Benefits for Employees

One major benefit for workers is the tax-deferred nature of 401k contributions. Funds are applied pre-tax; although contributors should be aware that early withdrawals incur penalties. Automatic deposits make contributions simple and relatively painless. It's easy to see why business owners and employees alike appreciate the value of a 401k retirement plan.

In short, a 401k is perfect for later in life. The process to start it now is simple and painless. If you can afford a small pay cut, those numbers can grow greatly over time. It's worth investing in your future.

  • Pay taxes depending on the plan you choose
  • Save money on taxes with the help of a professional
  • Invest in your future for growth in funds later in life
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Retirement Planning for a Stronger Local Economy

We understand the importance of retirement planning. We want to help local businesses recruit and keep the best workers. At the same time, we want to empower employees to plan wisely for their golden years through the use of 401k benefits. These goals go hand-in-hand, and we believe they can help us build an even stronger local economy. If you need information on implementing this sought-after benefit, contact our office today.

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