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Insurance Coverage for Restaurant Owners

You won't find it on the menu – but the secret to your restaurant's enduring success is a comprehensive insurance policy that protects your business. It's just as important as your tasty food or trendy location regardless of the type of restaurant you operate.
All restaurants have specific liability risks that can be covered by proper insurance policies.

What types of insurance are necessary for a restaurant?

Whether you are a burger chain or a mom-and-pop breakfast joint, you'll need business insurance that protects your customers, your employees, and your assets. Not every small business requires the same insurance.

A smoothie cafe with a limited menu will not need the same coverage options like a bar and restaurant with a full kitchen. Whatever your needs as a business owner, our insurance agents can customize a policy to protect your restaurant.

Protect Against Property Damage and Loss

It's a nightmare for anyone in the restaurant business; but imagine a grease fire quickly igniting and consuming your kitchen. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there's an average of more than 7,000 restaurant fires each year (NFPA). FEMA reports that restaurant fires can average $23,000 in losses (FEMA). A responsible business owner hopes for the best but always prepares for the worst.

Some basic coverages you'll need to protect your property include:

  • Commercial property insurance: for your building in case of fire, accident, or vandalism
  • Business owners policy: a cost-effective bundle for your property and general liability insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance: for delivery drivers and supply runs

Insurance to Protect Your Team

A cook spills sauce on the floor of the kitchen and goes to find the mop to clean it up. Before she can get back to the mess, one of your waiters slips and falls. If he's sprained a wrist and can't work, you'll need the necessary insurance coverage to pay for medical bills and a potential lawsuit.

Our recommendations for restaurant insurance to protect your employees include:

  • Workers’ compensation insurance: for injuries or illness on the job
  • Employment practices liability: for lawsuits brought against you by current or former employees
  • Crime insurance: cover losses from robbery, fraud, and employee theft
Protect against property damage and loss

Protect Your Restaurant Operations From the Unexpected

Consider if your bartender serves alcohol to a customer who later is involved in a car accident. Many state laws can hold you liable for the damages because you served him. Restaurant insurance can protect you from expensive lawsuits that threaten to shut down your business.

Restaurant insurance policies to protect your operations include:
  • Restaurant liability insurance: for customer accidents and food-related illness
  • Equipment breakdown: coverage when equipment failure causes damage or loss of income
  • Liquor liability insurance: for legal fees or medical bills related to your alcohol sales
Protect your restaurant operations from the unexpected

What does restaurant insurance cost?

The cost of your insurance will vary depending on the types and amounts of coverage you require.

Each business comes with unique risks depending on:

  • Types of food you sell
  • Cooking methods and equipment
  • Whether or not you sell alcohol
  • Age and type of building you operate in
  • Number of employees
  • If you offer delivery services
  • And more
Each of these factors can affect the type of insurance you need and the amount you may pay. There are always ways to save, like combining your property and liability coverage into a business owners policy or implementing different safety and security measures in your business.

See our resources on business owners policies.

Made-To-Order for Your Restaurant

We work directly with insurance companies to offer you specialized coverage for your restaurant insurance. From your commercial property to your general liability and everything in between, we'll make sure you have what you need to operate your restaurant business.

Do you have a question about restaurant insurance?

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